About Natuaromas

My name is Diana and my husband Miguel and we own a small soap business in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico! I am a breast cancer survivor and for health reasons I retired from the work environment in 2011. It was a difficult decision but this gave me the opportunity to have free time and experiment with my artistic side. In 2013 I started a 6 month course in natural cosmetics and learned how to make saponified soaps using the cold process soap-making method. This awake in me an indescribable passion to produce a well formulated soap and acquire knowledge about the scientific part of this process. I have continued my education through classes online and locally.

My husband Miguel has helped me financially and technically.  He is a Senior Software Developer and a non professional photographer. We are a great team! Our small soap business has grown since the  Natuaromas Facebook page was created in 2013.  The time has come to create our online store and take our project to another level of scope so that more customers can enjoy our soaps.